Tracknteach: your e-partner for educational practice analysis

Starting point:

Today, many education systems , especially (but not only) in the EU, foster practising various skills like citizenship, critical thinking, problem solving and social skills. 


Many policy makers, educational scientists and teachers however disagree about how to develop and practise these skills. Cross-curricular teaching, in which lesson contents are often intertwined, is one of the ways to do so.


Tracknteach wants to facilitate this search by providing proper analysis and insight in the structure of teaching activities. 


What we already have:

  • T'nT website and database
  • Collection of lesson activities (to extend in last project year 2020-2021)
  • 4 Analysis categories for lesson activities: skills, key indicators, methods, tools
  • Skills assessment monitor to visualise the skills growth (beta version under construction, Miniemeninstituut internship assignment 2020-2021)

To do

What we are going to do:

  • Finetuning the 4 analysis categories (validation) (1)
  • Providing tools to enable teachers to reach global competences among students (2)
  • Strengthening teachers' awareness of why they do what they do in class through the use of T'nT (3)
  • How does T'nT contribute to deep learning (DL)? (4)
  • How can T'nT contribute to formative teaching and assessment? (5)


Division of tasks:

  • UC Utrecht (NL): Maaike Koopman
  • UC Karel de Grote (B): Debbie de Neve
  • Miniemeninstituut (B): Diederik Roelandts
  • Other partners (current FS21 schools)?
  • Partner X for help with (1), (2), (3)
  • Partner Y for the data collection in (4), (5)



  • Erasmus+ KA2 (call 2021)
  • Intellectual output 1: tips&tricks for effective competence-oriented teaching
  • Intellectual output 2: research on DL effectiveness of use of T'nT
  • Intellectual output 3: method and tools for skills assessment