Deggendorf online meeting

Between 5 - 9 October 2020 we will meet online to carry out our project work in a blended way. Students and teachers prepare the project activities at school and present the results during online meetings. Teachers upload the project files into the Track'nTeach database.


The following schedule is under construction. The items published below are provisional, until further notice!


As to the preparation:

  • Please complete this form to plan your availability and number of participating students

Monday, 5/10

  • Technical preparation: checking internet connection, speed, sound & video quality
  • Content preparation: coordinators meet online to go doublecheck the arrangements

Tuesday, 6/10

Morning session:

  • 9.00 - 9.30: welcoming speech + setting out activity goals
  • 9.30 - 12.00: history/geography workshop "virtual tour of the city of Regensburg using Nearpod and Google Tour Creator" by BEL and GER

Requirements: screen and projector, 1 computer per group (2 or 3 students), headphones

Workshop material: teacher manual offered by BEL

Afternoon session:

  • 12.30 - 15.00: online workshop "Europe and the Myth of Europa" by ESP

Requirements: screen and projector, mobile phones (QR-code app), 1 computer per group (2 or 3 students), headphones

Workshop material: teacher manual offered by ESP

Wednesday, 7/10

Morning session:

  • science workshop "title to come" by FRA and NOR
  • science workshop "title to come" by FIN (supported by BEL)

Afternoon session:

  • virtual company visit to BMW/MAN/Streicher Maschinenbau by BEL (supported by GER)

Thursday, 8/10

Morning session:

  • workshop on economy/citizenship/social science by NED/LUX

Afternoon session:

  • art workshop (visual art, poetry...)

Friday, 9/10

  • Updating and filling Track'nTeach database
  • Project evaluation

What's next?

In order to reach our project goals (the Track'nTeach website is only one of them), we still need to gather more general pedagogical and didactical input from all project partners. We expect at least 4 items per partner per month. Therefore, keep on uploading your files here: