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Futureskills21 has received the EITA 2022 award!

The European Innovative Teaching Award is an annual initiative that showcases outstanding teaching practices within the Erasmus+ programme and recognises the work of teachers and their schools engaged in European cooperation projects. Launched in 2021, it highlights innovative teaching and learning approaches which address new challenges posed to education and training across Europe by a rapidly evolving world. The second edition of the Award focuses on creativity, sustainability and inclusion. In total, 98 projects from all over Europe will be presented with certificates and trophies in 4 categories.

Final meeting in Deggendorf

Futureskills21' final meeting took place from 13-16 October 2021 in Deggendorf (Germany). Thank you Aloys Fischer Schule for your hospitality to host 13 FS21 teachers. On the agenda:

  • Looking back on the project activities during the pandemic
  • Overview of the technical adjustments to the tracknteach toolbox
  • Dissemination activities during the Erasmus Days
  • Hands-on sessions on tracknteach
  • Looking forward to the further development of tracknteach and trackngrow (possible new KA2 application)

Deggendorf project meeting went virtual

Schedule from 9-20/11


Week 1

  • Day 1 (Monday 9/11): teachers only
  • Day 2 (Tuesday 10/11): pupils and teachers
  • Wednesday 11/11: day-off - technical adjustments
  • Day 3 (Thursday 12/11): pupils and teachers
  • Day 4 (Friday 13/11): teachers only

Week 2

  • Day 5 (Monday 16/11): pupils and teachers
  • Day 6 (Tuesday 17/11): pupils and teachers
  • Day 7 (Wednesday 18/11): pupils and teachers
  • Day 8 (Thursday 19/11): pupils and teachers
  • Day 9 (Friday 20/11): teachers only
Photo by Bruce Mars on
Photo by Bruce Mars on

Due to the covid19-pandemic, we were forced to reschedule our meeting plans for November 2020. It had become impossible to meet in Deggendorf (Germany) to work on our project goals. We had meeting online from 09 - 20 November. The backbone remained the project setup (activities organised and carried out by students, assessment, reflection and database input (on Track'nTeach) by teachers. The programme is available under the "Deggendorf online" menu item

Toolbox: TracknTeach is FS21's pedagogical toolbox

You have developed this wonderful teaching method, even adapted to different levels or classroom situations? Looking forward to sharing it with hundreds of colleagues and get feedback from them? Wondering which 21st-century skills your lesson content lead to? Upload your material on T'nT. Whether you are a junior or senior teaching professional, learning from, reflecting on and sharing your expertise is what professionalisation is all about. Do you want to make the difference for learners, lift them to another level thanks to your knowledge, insight and experience? Convinced of the necessity of life-long learning? Watch and learn at T'nT.

Newsletter #2: Looking back at the Esch-meeting, intermediate results

Meeting in Esch-sur-Alzette

Joint-staff training for teachers and pupil blended learning project in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

from Sunday 6/10 - Saturday 12/10/2019. The programme can be found here.

"A special kind of pupil exchange" is how the Luxembourg newspaper "Luxemburger Wort" describes our joint-staff training mobility and blended mobility of learners in Esch-sur-Alzette. Indeed, a special encounter it was. Teachers trained each other by exchanging different assessment methodes while pupils did their self-organised activities with focus on science, technology and art. The excellent catering at LHC and inspiring visits to the Differdange science centre and Belval blast furnaces and learning centre were the icing on the cake. Read the article: in German and in English.

Coming up:

Online JSTMT & PBLM meeting: Sunday 4/10/20 - Saturday 10/10/2020 in Deggendorf (D)

Newsletter #1: Project scope - kickoff meeting reports - looking ahead

The Futureskills21 team:


Coordinating school

Miniemeninstituut (Leuven, Belgium)



Dirk Staf (overall coordination, planning and budget matters)

Diederik Roelandts (co-coordinator and content manager)


Committed partners:

What we do

Ten partners are working on the development of a teaching material and  assessment toolbox for 21st-century teaching. This is a KA2 project of the March 2018 Erasmus+ call.

How we do it

10 Partners exchange good practices. We meet twice per year and work online in between. We use our horizontal management system with shared responsibility.

Why we do it

Youngsters deserve to be motivated by being taught with 21st-century tools. We teach them to prepare them for the future, not the past.

Our concept

Towards the acquisition of 21st-century skills through effective and innovative teaching and assessment.

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